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Encyclopedia of Earth

This is an amazing site – I haven’t had the time to look at it all. Enjoy!


Pimp my rice paddy!!

Here‘s a great site – puts our crop circles to shame really! But are they real??

Antarctica Images

There ar some stunning images of Antarctica here from the Washington Post. Enjoy them. The slide show of the Dry Valley’s is a particular favourite of mine.

OS Christmas card competition

Here’s a great competition that you should enter. The Ordnance Survey want your entries to design this year’s christmas card. All the details can be found here but in brief, the theme is ‘Mapping the future of Great Britain’. The competition is open to anyone in the IIIs to UV. Get thinking and creating!

Kent Earthquake


Who ever said we can’t get earthquakes? Remember, 5% of earthquakes happen away from Plate Boundaries!

There are lots of videos on this page here. The BBC news story can be found here and the BBC In pictures section is here.

The Times Online has a good article on the earthquake here.

Happy Easter holiday!



I hope you have all had a restful holiday. I enjoyed a great skiing holiday in the Alps – La Plagne to be precise (see map!). Here is a picture for you. Prizes for anyone who can correctly identify some geographical features.

Fair Trade Fortnight


It’s Fair Trade fortnight from February 26th – 11th March. What will YOU do to promote Fair Trade?