Yr 12

Welcome LVI!

Thank you for choosing AS level Geography!

You will have 7 lessons per week, 3 with Ms Hack (Physical units) and 4 with Miss Sainty (Human and AGS units). The physical units are Earth Systems, Fluvial Environments and Coastal Environments. The human units are Population Characteristics, Population Movements and Settlement Patterns.

Earth Systems

Here are some notes on Understanding Plate Motions from the USGS. Their is also a good site explaining the evidence for continental drift. Here’s a great site where you can try to reform Pangea – see how you get on – remember, you may need to rotate things! Here’s a fun little page about sea-floor spreading. Here’s a user-friendly page from the Moorland School about Plate Tectonics. Plate Tectonics – the mechanism is also really useful as background reading. Inside the Earth is a page about the earth’s structure and check out Moorland’s site again. Convection currents are looked at here from the ThinkQuest site and from the Hartrao site.


Try this excellent tutorial about measuring rivers – Virtual River. Do the Discharge one first. Here are some animations about river processes & landforms: Transportation , Meanders & Oxbow lakes , Levees , WaterfallsVshaped valley 



Yesterday’s Guardian magazine profiles a dozen countries with big ex-pat populations and tells you: how many, who they are, when they went, their impact on society and the political immigration obstacles. Useful for the migration sub-unit. Why not choose a country each and get researching??


Here are some links to animations to get you going: Types of Waves , Cliffs & Wave cut platforms , Longshore Drift – make sure you  have the sound on!  Here are some animations about tides – tidal forces , why tides , tidal bulges

Sea level rise

Here is some work to do on Sea level rise and landforms of submergence and emergence. Take a look at this powerpoint from Mr R Chambers. Then print out this sheet and fill in the framework by hand (this way I know you read the ppt!)

Following that, visit Mr A Parkinson’s site, read it and follow any interesting links. Then answer the questions at the bottom (worth 20 marks).  Good luck!!

 Read this ppt on Sand dunes and complete the sheet. Here is an interactive sand dune site – scroll to the bottom of the page.

Here’s a word document about the Ainsdale sand dune management and some info on blowouts! Please don’t print it all out – what a waste of paper! This one might work better! At the bottom of the document there is a good diagram about how to manage a blow out!

For revision, my friend Mr Chambers has a super series of pages. The overall site is here but I have categorised them for you: Earth systems overview, Fluvial Environments Revision pages , Coastal Environments revision pages. There are some super games on here, model answers and exam techniques. Use them!