Young Geographer Competition


The Young Geographer Competition is now available. It’s aim is to inspire and encourage the next generation of geographers, travellers and explorers. We will have a look at this in Globe Trotters but anyone is welcome to enter. Just click on the image to be taken to the site.


Indonesia floods

There has been devastating flooding in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. There are some excellent photos and details on the BBC website.


A Geography teacher from Kent has set up this great website – Geogdocs. The idea is that you (students) produce your own little movies that can then be downloaded and used in other schools. A great idea – we must try it! Check out the intro movie here.

10 Wonders of the world


Here is an article about 10 wonders of our world which may not be around in the future. It’s interesting reading.

Websites of the week!

South Georgia webcamCheck this out – it is a webcam on South Georgia. You’ll see penguins and icebergs! It is updated every 3 minutes so keep checking back to see what is going on!


Check out the ITN website for their recent ‘Global Warming’ feature – ‘The Big Melt’.


 Have a look at this site which features panoramas from around the world – the images are stunning, especially the London Eye, Rio and Mount St Helens.  Scroll down in the top right hand corner to search the image gallery.


 Check out Earth Album – contains a stunning array of photos from around the world.


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