Yr 13

Welcome UVI!

Thank you for continuing your Geographical Studies. This year we will be studying Glaciation and Atmospheric Systems (physical) and Economic Systems and Development (Human). Following that, we will study the synoptic links to the 6 A2 units. You will get plenty of exam practise and see as many past questions as possible.


Links coming soon!


Here are some links to the atmosphere animations:

Structure , Global energy balance , Jet stream , Coriolis Effect , Wind circulation

Here’s a fairly simple El Nino page and a page from NASA and check out the 4th and 5th page in the Overview section (link from The Hype) from Thinkquest’s site

 Here’s a press link about how the year 2006 has broken all kinds of weather records.

Here’s a met office page which gives you synoptic charts. Try the activity if you want!


Just been told about this interactive site – xcweather – it should help you with weather forecasting and pressure.

Anticyclones – First off, take notes from your book on anticylcones and their associated weather. There is some good information about anticyclones at Geographypages. There is excellent case study info from the Met office on the Summer 2003 anticyclone. Take notes on the causes and effects and have a go at the exercises.

Winter anticyclones cause havoc for people – check out this BBC site about the recent problems at Heathrow.

Urban Microclimates

There are some good images of heat islands & albedos here and a good diagram showing morning & evening variations here. You need to be able to illustrate and support your theoretical observations with evidence from at least 1 located example. The book has details on London, Manchester & Montreal.